ABOVE and HomePoint have joined forces, having full confidence in each other’s services. We understand that your home is far from ordinary; for many of you, it’s your primary residence, and it sees additional usage.

In the event of any unforeseen issues with your home, we recognize the importance of swift resolution. We all know that securing skilled labor in Austin on short notice can be quite challenging. Rest assured, our collaboration aims to address this challenge effectively.

Exceptional Homes Demand Extraordinary Care

Introducing HomePoint:

HomePoint comes from the fact that homeownership is overwhelming. Whether that be general maintenance, descaling water heaters, caulking; all the way to major breaks with the AC or plumbing.

What We Are:

HomePoint is a general care doctor, just for your house, not the people. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in effectively maintaining your home

How It Works:

It’s an annual subscription that gives you one point of contact for all your home needs, ensuring things run smoothly and providing assistance when things do break.

"HomePoint has addressed many of my "out of sight" maintenance issues so that our home is "healthy" and less likely to have a break down at an inopportune time. When I do need an appliance or issue fixed, they respond so that Above renters receive a 5-Star experience at our home."
- John G.
ABOVE & HomePoint Member

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive annual home physical check up
  • Quarterly preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance materials
  • 2 hours of handyman service
  • Digital inventory of your home and home records
  • Project management 

Partnership Benefits

Top of the List

Get priority response to home issues

Peace of Mind

Minimize your risk and liability by entrusting your home to dependable and trusted professionals


Allocate your valuable time to other priorities

As a special benefit of our partnership, both ABOVE and HomePoint will credit your account $500 each, totaling $1,000 for your first year.

Furthermore, all billing will be processed through ABOVE, enabling you to easily deduct the expenses for tax purposes.

Simply enter ABOVE in the referred by section of the Join Now page