Simple pricing

All subscriptions include the entire service package. Pricing is based on the square footage of the home.

House Size: Below 3,000 sqft.

$600 per quarter
$2,160 if paid annually (10% savings)

House Size: 5,000 to 8,000 sqft.

$1,125 per quarter
$4,050 if paid annually (10% savings)

House Size: 3,000 to 4,999 sqft.

$825 per quarter
$2,970 if paid annually (10% savings)

House Size: Above 8,000 sqft.

$1,425 per quarter
$5,130 if paid annually (10% savings)

All of these benefits, one low annual fee.

Annual Home Physical

In one annual visit, we use the latest technology to perform a roof-to-crawl space checkup of your home.

Quarterly Maintenance Visit

From dryer vents to A/C filters, four quarterly visits cover the critical - but tedious - tasks that keep your home operating safely and effectively.

Maintenance Visit Materials

From air and water filters to sanitation solutions and smoke detector batteries, the subscription fee covers the materials needed for maintenance performed.

Handyman On Demand

Need a picture hung, shower grouted, or other small job? Our trained handymen can get the job done.

Top-Tier Contractor Network

For bigger jobs, we bring in locally owned service providers who we work closely with that can do the work professionally and are fairly priced.

Inventory & Home Records

In addition to tracking all work history and repairs, our customer dashboard also reports on appliance lifespan.

What's Included?

When it comes to 
the service and 
details of your home, 
we’re on point.

Examples of items checked during the annual home physical are:

  • Roof for any major damage

  • Siding for any deterioration

  • Proper drainage

  • Signs of water leaks

  • Signs of water penetration

  • Insulation

  • Function of doors, gates and locks

  • Caulking at showers, tubs, and sinks

  • Walkways and driveways for major cracks or tripping hazards
  • Hot water heaters for any signs of water in overflow pans or corrosion

  • Windows for cracks, breaks, or fogging

  • Smoke detector ages

  • Weather stripping

  • Vegetation scraping parts of the home

Entirely customized to your home’s appliances and mechanicals. Maintenance tasks performed:


  • Clean dishwasher tubs and  filters
  • Sanitize clothes washer tub

  • Sanitize garbage disposal

  • Replace 1″ AC filters

  • Add salt to water softener systems

  • Replace light bulbs if customer has replacement bulb and can be reached with a 6′ ladder or light bulb changing pole

Twice Yearly

  • Change refrigerator water filters

  • Change >1″ media AC filters

  • Change refrigerator water filters

  • Treat AC condensate lines

  • Descale and clean undercounter residential ice makers

  • Clean HVAC mini split air filters


  • Flush tank water heaters

  • Descale & flush tankless water heaters

  • Treat sink, tub, and shower drain lines

  • Vacuum refrigerator condensers

  • Replace refrigerator air/odor filters

  • Degrease vent-a-hood filters

  • Clear dryer vent exhaust lines

  • Clean sink aerators

  • Clean debris from HVAC condensers

  • Oil garage door springs and hinges

  • Change smoke and CO2 detector batteries

Maintenance materials included with the subscription:

  • Clothes washer sanitation solution

  • Dishwasher cleaner solution

  • Garbage disposal sanitation solution

  • Refrigerator built in water filters

  • Refrigerator built in air/odor filters

  • Under counter residential ice maker cleaning solution

  • Under counter residential ice maker built in water filters

  • HVAC air filters

  • HVAC condensate line cleaner

  • Tankless water heater descale solution

  • Dishwasher sanitization solution

  • Smoke and CO2 detector batteries

  • Water softening system salt

2 hours of HomePoint Level 1 handyman labor is included with your subscription. Additional hours are billed at a competitive rate of $75/hour. You decide what projects. Examples of HomePoint Level 1 handyman projects are:

  • Assemble furniture

  • Hang pictures, curtains, TVs, and decorative items

  • Minor sheet rock patches and touch up painting

  • Caulking, grouting and re-sealing

  • Fix a constantly running toilet

  • Adjust a door hinge or strike plate

  • Adjust cabinet door hinges

  • Clear slow sink drains

  • Replace worn out weather stripping

  • Replace door knobs and deadbolts

  • Fix jammed garbage disposal

  • Replace garbage disposal

  • Install a video door bell

  • Seal a leaking gutter seam

  • Re-stain and seal a deck

  • Power wash small areas

An interactive digital record containing a complete inventory of all major appliances and mechanical systems with maintenance and work histories.

  • Models

  • Serial numbers

  • User Manuals

  • Replacement parts

  • Life expectancies

  • History and detailed maintenance records and service calls

Think health records for the home that turn into a CarFax when it is time to sell.

HomePoint has a network of vetted and trusted trade specialists that we can call on for you when needed.

  • Appliance Repair
  • Master Plumbers
  • Licensed HVAC Technicians
  • Master Electricians
  • Irrigation specialists
  • Landscapers
  • Roofers
  • Large Scale Painters
  • And many more

For a 10% Project Management fee, HomePoint will:

  • Diagnose the issue
  • Select the right partner for the job
  • Oversee the work being done
  • Quality control the work

You've got a guy, we've

got the right guy

We know how complicated finding the right person for the job can be. That is why we want to make it easy for you. No need to search for contractors or repairmen. We've done that hard part, training our handymen and finding a network of qualified professionals with the talents and specialization you need to get the job done right.

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