Quarterly Home Maintenance


All-Season Coverage.

Our quarterly home maintenance visits are dedicated to the diligent upkeep of all major appliances and systems in your Austin home, ensuring they remain in excellent working condition and limiting the need for our on-demand handyman services. While homeownership inevitably comes with its share of significant repairs, regular and consistent maintenance can prevent many potential issues.

Our quarterly home maintenance program is structured to align with each season: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Within this schedule, we’ve categorized tasks into those to be addressed every quarter and those tailored to the unique demands of each season, allowing us to optimize our efforts and address any seasonal concerns proactively. This approach ensures that your home receives the care it deserves throughout the year, promoting longevity and preserving your peace of mind.

Every Quarter

  • Sanitize garbage disposal
  • Sanitize washing machine
  • Sanitize dishwasher tub
  • Clean dishwasher filter
  • Replace air filters
  • Water softener maintenance
  • Leak check


  • Replacing refrigerator air/odor Filters 
  • Replace refrigerator water filters 
  • Degrease vent hood
  • Oiling garage door rollers, springs, and bearings
  • Replacing smoke detector batteries
  • Descaling and cleaning ice makers
  • Furnace check: connections, emergency shut off, exhaust
  • HVAC treat condensate line


  • Replacing refrigerator air/odor filters 
  • Replace refrigerator water filters 
  • Clean fridge condensers
  • Degrease vent hood filters
  • Treat AC condensate drain lines 
  • Descale and clean undercounter ice makers
  • Cleaning air conditioner coils
  • HVAC treat condensate line 
  • Check refrigerant pressure and capacitor amperage
  • Furnace check: connections, emergency shut off, exhaust
  • Descale tankless water heaters
  • Flush tank water heaters
  • Cleaning dryer vents
  • Clean water inlet filter (washing machine)
  • Furnace check: connections, emergency shut off, exhaust