Annual Home Physical


One Yearly Visit. Ultimate Peace of Mind.

The Annual Home Physical is a 360-degree home health check up designed to understand the current health of your home. It encompasses a thorough examination using state-of-the-art technology, covering everything from the roof to the foundation. After our home health checkup, your HomePoint Doctor will provide you with a digital, interactive report containing a variety of observations, ranging from cosmetic issues to urgent matters.

It’s important to note that this report serves as a strategic game plan, not a rigid to-do list that must be tackled immediately. Our primary goal is to serve as your trusted partner to replace your Austin handyman, offering guidance on prioritizing the necessary steps to enhance your home’s longevity and overall¬†quality of life. We are here to help you make informed decisions about maintaining and caring for your cherished space, ensuring your home remains safe and comfortable for years.

Gain visibility into things like:

  • Roof for any major damage
  • Siding for any deterioration
  • Proper drainage
  • Signs of water leaks
  • Signs of water penetration
  • Insulation
  • Function of doors, gates and locks
  • Caulking at showers, tubs, and sinks
  • Walkways and driveways for major cracks or tripping hazards
  • Hot water heaters for any signs of water in overflow pans or corrosion
  • Windows for cracks, breaks, or fogging
  • Smoke detector ages
  • Weather stripping
  • Vegetation scraping parts of the home
  • Rodent activity
  • Appliance conditions and signs for concern
  • Freeze damage protection audit