We'll take care of the house so you have a home.

We're on point.

We take the stress out of your home care, from maintenance to repair with our reimagined handyman services in Austin. We seek out the small problems before they become big, do the maintenance you need to protect your investment, and have a pre-screened network of contractors ready to go for specialty jobs. And it’s not just the prevention. When things break we’re on point. You get speed, attention and care all with one point of contact – your dedicated HomePoint Doctor.

Member Services

Annual Austin Home Physical

One Visit. Unlimited Peace of Mind.

The Annual Home Physical is a 360-degree check-up designed to understand the current health of your home. It’s important to note that this report serves as a strategic game plan, not a rigid to-do list that must be tackled immediately.

Quarterly Preventive Maintenance

All-Season Coverage

These visits are dedicated to the diligent upkeep of all major appliances, ensuring they remain in excellent working condition.

Our quarterly maintenance program is structured to align with each season: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Within this schedule, we’ve categorized tasks into those to be addressed every quarter and those tailored to the unique demands of each season, allowing us to optimize our efforts and address any seasonal concerns proactively.

Handyman On-demand

Handy So You Don’t Have to Be

With your subscription, you receive 2 hours of handyman labor. Additional hours are billed at $75/hour. You decide what projects we handle.

Notably, our Handyman services come with no minimum project size, ensuring that even the smallest tasks can be addressed promptly and efficiently. Plus, our billing is flexible, calculated by the minute, and, importantly, travel time does not count against your allocated hours.

Project Management

We’re Always On Point

Whether you’re facing a sudden emergency like burst pipes or planning a significant project like a backup generator installation, we’ve got you covered. We handle the specialist selection, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality, expertise, and customer care.

Inventory and Home Records

A Single Source of Home Truth

An interactive digital record containing a complete inventory of all major appliances and mechanical systems with maintenance and work histories. Think health records for the home that turns into a CarFax when it is time to sell.


A growing coverage area

Our coverage area continues to grow. Have a question if HomePoint is available at your home? Contact us at info@gohomepoint.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is HomePoint?

A reliable and convenient single point of contact to help you maintain and fix any issues with your home. Get and keep your home in optimal condition.

Is HomePoint similar to a home warranty company?

No, warranties are reactionary and called into effect when a major appliance or mechanical breaks. HomePoint is a proactive service to help ensure the entire home is in optimal condition.

Can I call HomePoint 24x7 for emergencies?

Your HomePoint “Home Doctor” and the HomePoint support staff will be available to you during standard business days between 8am & 5pm and can coordinate the appropriate resources. HomePoint will provide you direct numbers to after hours specialists for dealing with HVAC and Plumbing emergencies.

Do I need to be home during HomePoint service visits?

HomePoint recommends that you are present for the Home Physical to ensure alignment from the start. Our goal is to truly be your trusted partner and all field employees are subject to background checks. But, we allow you to decide whether you are comfortable with our employees accessing your property without you being present.

Do you schedule service visits in multi-hour windows?

HomePoint always looks to schedule based on your convince and provide a specific appointment time rather than a multi-hour window that leaves customers waiting and wondering.

What if I have a relationship with a trade specialist?

Awesome! If you already have a relationship with a plumber, electrician, HVAC company please feel free to continue using them. And, if you let HomePoint know when they have visited and what they have done we will even update your digital records so you have an accurate history.