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We're on point.

We take the stress out of your home care, from maintenance to repair. We seek out the small problems before they become big, do the maintenance you need to protect your investment, and have a pre-screened network of contractors ready to go for bigger jobs. All with one point of contact – your dedicated HomePoint Manager.

You’ve got a guy, we’ve got the right guy



Each employee is part-owner, incentivized to provide high-quality service.



Our business works when you work with us in the long-term. We’re motivated to give you the best work for the best price.



We find the right solution for your unique home, priorities, and budget.

Peace of mind and convenience

Effortless Home Upkeep

Many of us don’t want to worry about dryer vents, descaling water heaters, or taking care of wood rot. These are just a few of the ‘nuisance’ tasks that affect the quality and safety of your primary asset – your home. That’s why we take care of these things for you.

Our quarterly maintenance covers the most common causes of major insurance claims; reducing the risk of fire, flooding or worse. We do the work to extend the life of your appliances so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

During our annual inspection, we find problems before they become critical issues, and develop a plan of care. For anything our handimen can’t fix, we can pull in our network of contractors to get the job done. So you can spend your time enjoying your home, not taking care of it. 

when something breaks, we're on point.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in effectively caring for and maintaining your house so you can get the most out of being at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is HomePoint?

A reliable and convenient single point of contact to help you maintain and fix any issues with your home. Get and keep your home in optimal condition.

Is HomePoint similar to a home warranty company?

No, warranties are reactionary and called into effect when a major appliance or mechanical breaks. HomePoint is a proactive service to help ensure the entire home is in optimal condition.

Can I call HomePoint 24x7 for emergencies?

Your HomePoint “Home Doctor” and the HomePoint support staff will be available to you during standard business days between 8am & 5pm and can coordinate the appropriate resources. HomePoint will provide you direct numbers to after hours specialists for dealing with HVAC and Plumbing emergencies.

Do I need to be home during HomePoint service visits?

HomePoint recommends that you are present for the Home Physical to ensure alignment from the start. Our goal is to truly be your trusted partner and all field employees are subject to background checks. But, we allow you to decide whether you are comfortable with our employees accessing your property without you being present.

Do you schedule service visits in multi-hour windows?

HomePoint always looks to schedule based on your convince and provide a specific appointment time rather than a multi-hour window that leaves customers waiting and wondering.

What if I have a relationship with a trade specialist?

Awesome! If you already have a relationship with a plumber, electrician, HVAC company please feel free to continue using them. And, if you let HomePoint know when they have visited and what they have done we will even update your digital records so you have an accurate history.

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