Austin Handyman On-demand

Handyman Services, Re-imagined

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your Austin home, the challenges can be significant. Finding a reliable Austin handyman for your home is often more complicated than it seems.

Homepoint was built by homeowners just like you who struggled to find solutions for their home repair needs. We saw the need for improvement in the following areas when searching for a reliable handyman in Austin, TX.

Lack of Consistency

Traditional Austin handymen might be skilled in some areas but not others, leading to inconsistent quality of work. Each new task may require finding a different handyman with the right expertise.

Scheduling and Availability

Coordinating with individual Austin handymen can be a scheduling nightmare. Often, they are booked out for weeks, leaving urgent repairs unaddressed.


Costs can be unpredictable. Without a standard rate, each Austin handyman may charge differently, making budgeting for home repairs challenging.

Limited Knowledge of Your Home

Traditional handymen are not familiar with the specific history and quirks of your home. This unfamiliarity can lead to ineffective solutions and repetitive issues.

Reactive Approach

Typically, handyman services are reactive – they come in to fix a problem. There’s rarely a strategy for preventative maintenance, leading to a cycle of breakdowns and repairs.

Professional home maintenance and repair involve juggling these complexities while ensuring that your Austin home remains a comfortable and safe space. The traditional handyman model, while useful for occasional fixes, may not be the most efficient or effective approach for holistic home care. This is where HomePoint steps in, offering a comprehensive and strategic solution to these common challenges.

Comprehensive Understanding vs. One-Off Repairs


With HomePoint, you benefit from a team that knows your Austin home from top to bottom. Our experts are not just handymen; they are “home doctors” who understand every nuance of your house. This holistic understanding allows for preventive care, not just reactive repairs, ensuring that your home remains in peak condition year-round.

Traditional Handyman

Typically, a traditional Austin handyman handles one-off jobs. They might fix a leak or patch a wall, but they don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of your home’s history or its specific needs. This approach can lead to recurring problems or overlooked issues.

Proactive Peace of Mind vs. Reactive


We provide peace of mind by managing all your regular maintenance tasks. With HomePoint, you’re not just waiting for something to break; you’re actively keeping your home in its best condition. Our subscription-based model includes regular check-ups and maintenance visits, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed proactively.

Traditional Handyman

Relying on traditional handyman services often means responding to emergencies as they happen. This reactive approach can lead to a constant worry about the next break or malfunction, often at the most inconvenient times.

Weather-Ready Maintenance vs. Seasonal Struggles


Austin’s weather can be unpredictable, but with HomePoint, your home will always be prepared. Our team adjusts maintenance tasks seasonally, ensuring that your home is ready for the unique challenges of Austin’s fluctuating weather. Whether it’s preparing for a hot summer or an unexpected cold snap, we ensure you’re never left out in the cold.

Traditional Handyman

Traditional handyman services may not be as attuned to the seasonal needs of your Austin home. During peak seasons, when maintenance and repair demands surge, you might find yourself on a long waitlist, potentially leading to discomfort or damage to your home.


Handy So You Don't Have to Be.

HomePoint has got you covered, whether it’s those lingering home projects or last-minute issues demanding your attention. Our dedicated in-house technicians are readily available to provide you with the assistance you need so you can save us as “Austin Handyman” in your phone.

You receive two hours of handyman labor with your subscription (additional hours are $75/hour). You decide what projects we handle.

Notably, our HandyMan services have no minimum project size, ensuring that even the smallest tasks can be addressed promptly and efficiently. Plus, our billing is flexible, calculated by the minute, and travel time does not count against your allocated hours. At HomePoint, we’re committed to providing you with the flexibility and convenience to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Tackle handyman projects like:

  • Assemble furniture
  • Hang pictures, curtains, TVs, and decorative items
  • Minor sheet rock patches and touch up painting
  • Caulking, grouting and re-sealing
  • Fix a constantly running toilet
  • Adjust a door hinge or strike plate
  • Adjust cabinet door hinges
  • Clear slow sink drains
  • Replace worn out weather stripping
  • Replace door knobs and deadbolts
  • Fix jammed garbage disposal
  • Replace garbage disposal
  • Install a video doorbell
  • Seal a leaking gutter seam
  • Re-stain and seal a deck
  • Power wash small areas