Extreme Heat Guide - Common Problems and Solutions

Extreme heat can be a significant challenge for homeowners, particularly those with luxury properties in Austin, Texas. From HVAC issues to water restrictions, understanding and addressing common problems can help maintain the comfort and functionality of your home during the hottest months. This guide provides insights into common issues faced during extreme heat and practical solutions to mitigate them.

Condensate Lines: Why AC Units Fail

A staggering 70% of HVAC service calls are related to clogged condensate lines or blown capacitors. Clogs are largely preventable with regular maintenance. A condensate line, when clogged, can cause the AC unit to fail. Most homeowners know that pouring vinegar into the line helps, but few are aware that these lines often tie into the least-used sinks, where the barb and P-trap frequently clog.

Preventative Measures:

For HomePoint Members, our in-house handyman can easily tackle these problems, ensuring your AC runs smoothly throughout the season.

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AC Unit Can't Keep Up

During extreme heat, many homeowners experience issues with their AC units not maintaining the desired temperature. This is common when outside temperatures exceed the unit’s design capacity. For example, if your AC is designed for up to 100 degrees, a 110-degree heatwave can overwhelm it.

Diagnostic Questions

If both answers are yes, but the home is still too warm, the unit may be unable to keep up with the extreme heat.


Understanding the difference between actual temperature and perceived temperature due to humidity is crucial. Lowering humidity can make your home feel cooler even if the AC can’t maintain the set temperature.

Condensation Issues

High heat and humidity can cause condensation issues, especially if ductwork is not well-insulated. Condensation on vent registers can lead to severe water damage if not addressed promptly.

Preventative Measures

Be vigilant for condensation signs during periods of high heat and humidity to prevent water damage.

Frequent Condensate Line Clogs

During extreme heat, HVAC systems work harder, producing more condensation and increasing the risk of clogged drain lines.

Preventative Measures

Water Restrictions

As drought conditions intensify, water restrictions are likely to follow. Implementing water conservation strategies is essential.


  1. Hydretain: This water conservation agent holds moisture in the soil longer, reducing the need for frequent watering by up to 50%.
  2. Water-Resistant Plants: Opt for drought-resistant plants that thrive in Austin’s climate. HomePoint partners with YardDoc to provide a list of recommended plants. For more tips on landscaping in Austin, visit HomePoint’s Landscaping Tips.

Easy Ways to Improve Insulation

Improving home insulation can significantly reduce the strain on your AC unit during extreme heat.


  • Insulate attic access doors with readily available kits.
  • Ensure can lights are insulated.
  • Check and address low spots in your attic insulation.


Extreme heat presents several challenges for homeowners, particularly those with luxury properties in Austin. By understanding common problems and implementing preventative measures, you can maintain your home’s comfort and functionality during the hottest months. HomePoint is dedicated to providing comprehensive home maintenance solutions, ensuring our Members’ homes remain in top-notch condition year-round. For more information and assistance, visit our blog and explore our resources on home maintenance.

At HomePoint, our mission is to be your trusted partner in home maintenance, offering expert services tailored to your needs. From preventing HVAC issues to managing water usage, we provide the support and expertise necessary to keep your home comfortable and efficient, even in extreme conditions​​​​.