HomePoint Freeze Audit: Included for Every HomePoint Subscriber

Why Does HomePoint Perform Freeze Audits?

Austin FreezeDespite being located in a typically warm region like Austin, we’ve experienced four consecutive years of harsh winter freezes. During each of these instances, we’ve identified common factors that are most likely to cause damage.

A harsh freeze can cause major issues for a home, many of which can be prevented. A simple freeze audit can prevent anything from water leaks at burst pipes to major insurance claims. That along with the inconvenience of having to react to an issue during a freeze should bring peace of mind to any homeowner.

For all HomePoint customers we perform a Freeze Audit to identify at risk areas of your home and an action plan on how to prevent damage. 

What’s in a Freeze Audit?

Step 1: Freeze Audit Review

A HomePoint Home Doctor thoroughly assesses both the interior and exterior of the home looking for critical points of failure from freezing temperatures.

Audit review focus areas:
  • Whole House Shutoff: Ensuring that there is easy access to a whole house shutoff valve, which significantly streamlines emergency response procedures.
  • Exterior Plumbing: This encompasses sinks, showers, pools, ponds, wells, RPZs (Reduced Pressure Zone assemblies), and hose bibs, all of which will be inspected for freeze vulnerability.
  • Attic: Identifying any appliances or exposed pipes in the attic that might be at risk of freezing.
  • Trees: Assessing whether any trees need preemptive trimming to prevent potential damage to the house during winter.
  • Appliances: Examining water softeners, air conditioners, water heaters, and generators for freeze-related concerns.
  • Interior Sinks on Exterior Walls: Checking sinks located on exterior walls for potential freezing issues.

While there are additional aspects covered in the Freeze Audit, these key areas of focus can go a long way to preventing damage.

Step 2: Freeze Audit Recommendations

To protect your property from potential freeze-related harm, weDowned Tree recommend taking proactive steps. At HomePoint, we offer customized suggestions to implement for our homeowners before the freeze occurs.

Examples would be:

  • Refresh the insulation on water supply lines to tankless water heaters mounted to the side of the house and even consider plug in heat tape wraps such as Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable.
  • Hose bib covers are a good start, but look into the Freeze Miser for a potentially better solution. 
  • Most people turn off their irrigation system already and run the zones to clear the water from the pipes, but don’t forget to drain the backflow preventers on the irrigation system and pool auto fills  as those are very common places of damage during a freeze.

The reassuring fact is that the majority of significant freeze-related damage can be avoided.

15 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Freeze

To help you prepare for the cold, we’ve compiled a list of essential tasks to tackle before the freeze arrives. 

How to Protect Your Home During a Freeze

In this guide, we’ll walk you through different levels of protection

Step 3: Freeze Audit Playbook

The last component of the freeze audit that HomePoint provides to customers entails a structured action plan, which outlines the steps to take in the event of a freeze. This plan offers detailed instructions for shutting off your water supply and safeguarding other susceptible appliances.

HomePoint - Your Home’s Best Friend During Freezes

At HomePoint, we understand your home’s value and the distress unexpected damages can cause. Our preventative maintenance not only safeguards your home from the harsh winter but also gives you peace of mind. With meticulous planning and expert recommendations, we ensure your home weathers all freezes unscathed. Trust us, with HomePoint, you and your home are always in safe hands!