Why HomePoint Preventative Maintenance Surpasses the Alternative: A Deep Dive

The age-old adage “prevention is better than cure” finds its perfect application in the realm of home maintenance. If you, like many homeowners, waver at the cost of preventative maintenance services, let us lay down the facts for you.

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Busting the Cost Myth: HomePoint vs. Traditional Vendors

Many homeowners labor under the misconception that HomePoint’s preventative maintenance service subscription is a steep investment. On the contrary, we’re here to demonstrate that our subscription is not only a wise, long-term investment for the longevity of your home but also a financially astute one.

Traditional vendors usually charge you separately for different maintenance tasks. The accumulation of these costs, as illustrated through the breakdown of the services offered and their respective charges, often surpasses that of our annual subscription rate.

A Detailed Comparative Analysis: Dollars and Sense

Let’s delve into specifics. Consider the costs associated with servicing individual appliances and areas in your home. Traditional vendors have service “trip” fees and additional charges per unit for various tasks. For instance:

  • Descale and clean one ice maker unit: $290
  • Oil and tune-up one garage door unit: $99
  • HVAC maintenance (without air filter replacement) per unit: $120 – $180
  • Further, specialized tasks like descaling tankless water heaters and flushing tanked water heaters can set you back anywhere between $165 to $275 per unit.


In comparison, a subscription with HomePoint bundles all your home needs into four comprehensive seasonal maintenance visits, providing a one-stop solution that is both economical and efficient.

The Inevitability of Wear and Tear

Even with the most diligent preventative care, it’s inevitable that things might still break or wear down – it’s the nature of the beast. Think of it like oral care. Despite regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits, you might still get a cavity. Similarly, even with our comprehensive preventative maintenance, there might still be occasional issues. But here’s the deal: with HomePoint on your side, not only will these instances be significantly reduced, but when something does go awry, you have a trusted partner ready to step in and address the issue swiftly. The proactive care we provide minimizes the risks and impacts of potential problems, giving you a smoother, stress-free homeownership experience.

Valuing Your Time: Handyman Services Quantified

Certain maintenance activities won’t fall into the purview of traditional vendors, requiring handyman services. These tasks, although seemingly minor, are crucial for maintaining a well-functioning home.

Real Numbers: A Case Study of Savings with HomePoint

To illustrate, let’s consider the case study of a home with various appliances and maintenance needs. For this particular home, using traditional vendors would amount to a labor cost of $2,549 annually, with additional materials costing $567. This totals to an annual expense of $3,116.

HomePoint Pricing:

On the flip side, an annual subscription with HomePoint for a home of similar specifications and square footage would cost $2,970.

HomePoint – Your Partner in Savvy Home Maintenance

When you sit down and do the math, the financial prudence of opting for HomePoint’s preventative maintenance services becomes glaringly evident. But it’s not just about dollars and cents. With us, you invest in peace of mind, knowing that your home is cared for holistically, season after season.

We understand your home’s needs intimately, offering a unique solution that is tailored for convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Why pay more for less when you have a partner in HomePoint, dedicated to serving you better, saving you more, and ensuring that your home stands the test of time gracefully and robustly?

At HomePoint, we don’t just offer services; we offer assurance, reliability, and a commitment to excellence. And as the numbers demonstrate, this commitment isn’t just about top-notch service but also about presenting a financially savvy option for homeowners who know the value of preventative care and maintenance.

Choose wisely, choose HomePoint. Because when it comes to home maintenance, prevention is not just better; it’s also significantly cheaper than the cure.