HomePoint with Builder's Warranty: A Comprehensive Approach

Congratulations! You have built the home of your dreams or recently completed a significant remodel. Those should include a builder’s warranty. However, many homeowners misunderstand or misinterpret what the builder’s warranty covers and most importantly, what it does not cover. Let’s dive into this topic. Ultimately, the combination of your builder creating your dream home, warranting their work and combining the HomePoint service to keep your home in peak condition is the home run combination.

What's Included:

The builder’s warranty is typically 12 months and includes things such as:

  • Structural components: the foundation, load-bearing walls, roof framing, and beams for any significant defects or failures.
  • Workmanship and materials: the quality of construction and materials used and the workmanship.
  • Mechanical systems: typically the plumbing and electrical systems as well as water heaters and HVAC equipment

What's Missing:

Now let’s talk about some of those things that the builder’s warranty does not cover that every home, even a brand new one, needs…

  • Maintenance: not only does the builder’s warranty not cover ongoing maintenance, failure to conduct maintenance might even void some warranties. AC filters need to be changed, AC condensate lines need to be treated to help prevent clogs, AC condensers need to be cleaned, tankless water heaters need to be descaled. Did you get an awesome undercounter ice maker? Those need to be descaled, cleaned and water filters changed twice a year. Water softeners need salt added. And many other maintenance items that every home needs are not part of a builder’s warranty.
  • General wear and tear: our homes are lived in and things happen. Rambunctious kids playing can put a hole in a wall or foundation settling can cause some minor cracks. Toilet flappers erode with the chlorine in the water causing a toilet to constantly run. 
  • Non-permanent fixtures: want a new towel rod installed, pictures hung, new furniture assembled? These types of service calls are not included in a builder’s warranty.


HomePoint is a proactive and comprehensive service that takes care of the ongoing maintenance every house needs and is the homeowners trusted partner for all the things that come up that always will. Your builder built you a home you love and are proud of. Of course they  warranty their craftsmanship, materials and mechanicals. Combine that with HomePoint’s maintenance and service calls to keep your home in peak condition! 

Don’t void your appliance warranties.

Preserve your appliance warranties by not neglecting maintenance. Even with new appliances, it’s crucial to adhere to regular upkeep, as many warranties become null and void without proper maintenance. Simply having new appliances isn’t enough; taking proactive steps to ensure their well-being through regular care is essential to safeguarding your warranty coverage.

Builder's Warranty: A Closer Look

  • Proactive Safeguard: A builder’s warranty is typically included when you purchase a newly constructed home. It offers coverage for various aspects of your new home right from the start. This means you’re not merely waiting for problems to arise; you’re taking proactive steps to prevent issues before they even occur.
  • Coverage: A builder’s warranty is designed to protect your investment by covering a wide array of components. This coverage often extends to structural elements, mechanical systems, workmanship, materials, waterproofing, and even the appliances installed in your new home. 
  • Duration: These warranties come with specified durations, with different coverage periods for different components. For example, workmanship and materials are generally covered for one year, while structural components may have a longer, often 10-year, warranty period.
  • No Additional Cost: The cost of a builder’s warranty is typically included in the purchase price of your newly constructed home. This means there are no extra premiums or hidden fees to worry about.
  • Service Calls: If an issue covered by the builder’s warranty arises during the warranty period, the builder is responsible for the repair or replacement. You won’t need to pay extra for the specific repair work.
  • Mandatory Protection: In many areas, builders are legally required to provide a builder’s warranty to protect buyers against defects in new construction. This warranty is often backed by insurance, ensuring you have recourse in case of issues.

HomePoint: A Comprehensive Home Management Service

  • Proactive Home Care: HomePoint goes beyond warranty coverage. It anticipates and prevents issues, ensuring your home’s well-being from the moment you become a homeowner.
  • Subscription-Based Service: Say goodbye to waiting for repairs. With HomePoint, you enjoy continuous support without the hassles associated with reactive repairs.
  • Four Maintenance Visits Per Year: HomePoint offers regular upkeep, ensuring that your home remains in top shape year-round.
  • Maintenance Materials Covered: Hidden costs are eliminated. You get budget predictability with HomePoint.
  • Digital Record and Remote Monitoring: Stay informed and in control with HomePoint’s comprehensive system. It’s like having health records for your home, which can even turn into a CarFax when it’s time to sell.
  • Unlimited Peace of Mind: With one annual subscription, you gain enduring peace of mind. Unlike the uncertainty of a builder’s warranty, HomePoint provides continuous assurance.
  • Quick, Efficient Service: HomePoint ensures efficient service with no hidden fees or delays.
  • Technology-Driven Solutions: Benefit from HomePoint’s advanced digital records and monitoring for a comprehensive home management experience.
  • Investment in Long-Term Peace of Mind: When you choose HomePoint, you’re making an investment in lasting peace of mind and security for your luxury custom home.
  • High-End Appliance Experience: Elevate your home with top-notch appliance care, ensuring that every day is a pleasure.

The Ultimate Choice: HomePoint with Builder's Warranty

With HomePoint, you gain:

  • Proactive home care that anticipates and prevents issues.
  • Subscription-based services that ensure you never wait for repairs.
  • Regular maintenance visits to keep your home in peak condition.
  • Transparency and predictability regarding maintenance materials.
  • Advanced digital records and remote monitoring for informed decision-making.
  • Enduring peace of mind with one annual subscription.
  • Quick and efficient service without hidden fees or delays.
  • Technology-driven solutions that provide a comprehensive home management experience.
  • An investment in long-term peace of mind and security.
  • A high-end appliance experience that enhances your daily life.


So, why settle for the uncertainties of a traditional builder’s warranty alone when you can enjoy the proactive protection, comprehensive coverage, and ongoing support of HomePoint alongside it? Together, they ensure your investment is not only protected but thrives in the long run.

How Does HomePoint Compare to a Home Warranty?