July Home Maintenance Checklist


1. Degrease Vent Hood Filters

How: Remove the filters and soak them in a degreasing solution. Scrub off any remaining grease and reinstall.

Why: Properly cleaned filters improve ventilation, prevent fire hazards, and ensure the vent hood operates efficiently.


2. Inspect and Clean Ceiling Fans

How: Turn off power, clean fan blades with a damp cloth, and check for any wobbling or unusual sounds.

Why: Clean fans operate more efficiently, improving air circulation and preventing dust from spreading.


3. Clean and Organize the Basement or Storage Areas

How: Declutter, clean, and organize items in the basement or storage areas.

Why: Creates a safer and more efficient use of space, reduces the risk of pest infestation, and makes it easier to find stored items.


4.Descale and Clean Undercounter Ice Makers

How: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for descaling and cleaning the ice maker.

Why: Regular maintenance prevents mineral buildup, ensures ice quality, and extends the life of the ice maker. Read more about “Undercounter Ice Machines”.


5. Check for Pests or Signs of Infestation, Especially in Attics and Basements

How: Regularly check dark and hidden areas for signs of pests, such as droppings, gnaw marks, or nests. Indicators of pest activity include droppings, scratch marks, unpleasant odors, and damaged HVAC ducting.

Why: Early detection allows for prompt pest control measures, preventing damage to your home.

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