March Home Maintenance Checklist


1. AC: Check Refrigerant Pressure and Capacitor Amperage

How: This is best done by a professional HVAC technician. They will use specialized tools to check refrigerant levels and capacitor health.

Why: Ensures proper functioning of the AC system, preventing issues like inadequate cooling or compressor damage.


2. AC: HVAC Treat Condensate Line

How: Use Vinegar to prevent clogs and the growth of mold or algae.

Why: Prevents water damage and ensures proper drainage from the HVAC system.


3. AC: Clean Filter Grates

How: Remove and clean air vent grates using a vacuum or damp cloth.

Why: Improves indoor air quality and ensures efficient airflow from HVAC systems.


4. AC: Dust Furnace Coils

How: Turn off power, remove the access panel, and gently clean dust from the coils using a soft brush or compressed air.

Why: Reduces strain on the furnace, improves efficiency, and ensures optimal heating.


5. AC: Clean Outdoor Condenser Coils

How: Turn off power, remove debris around the unit, and clean the coils with a coil cleaner. In severe cases, consider removing the top to access and clean the interior.

Why: Maintains optimal heat exchange, preventing overheating and extending the life of the AC unit.


6. Check Outdoor Faucets for Leaks and Repair Any Damaged Hoses

How: Turn on faucets, check for leaks, and inspect hoses for damage. Replace or repair as needed.

Why: Prevents water waste and potential water damage to the exterior of the house.


7. Inspect and Clean Window Screens Before the Warmer Season Begins

How: Remove screens, wash with mild soap and water, and repair any damage.

Why: Ensures clear views, better ventilation, and keeps insects out as the weather warms up.

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